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About the Ascher Group

In July of 2002 Bill Frankel founded the Ascher Group to share the knowledge gained for the betterment of our clients. The background of the Ascher Group is from a small group of sales and industry analysts within the facilities management outsourcing industry. Our analysis processes have been proven to work across industries, corporate disciplines and functional areas. We utilize a combination of qualitative, economic and process analysis to meet our clients’ needs.


The firm has been started from a base of experience within the printing industry. The majority of the work that was performed surrounded copy, print, facsimile and mail centers but as the industry grew so did the level of expertise in additional areas such as IT outsourcing, process reengineering, quality assessment, and acquisition integration consulting. Additionally, the core members of the firm helped create the program that are used to train and hire the sales staff, and evaluate the operational and financial aspects of the outsourcing group.


The primary tenants of the Ascher Group were envisioned from the conception of the group and remain as our benchmarks for service:

In 2008 the Ascher Group expanded our commodity expertise with the addition of Food and Beverage as well as Telecommunications Consulting. These additional services are as much a result of client requests as they are the opportunity to bring on board the their industries best objective experts.


The Ascher Group has extensive experience in cost and process consulting.  Our group has training and certifications in the following cost and process analysis areas: