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Document Management Consulting

Document Management is the products, services and processes that run your company and have become your organization's second product.  The Ascher Group provides comprehensive consulting services for designing, acquiring and managing Document Management systems.


Not sure which copier, printer or EDM system is right for your organization or even what mix to use?  The Ascher Group provides independent consulting based on over 10 years of industry experience.


Our services encompass:


We make sure that our clients get the right equipment and services for their needs, at the right price and with the best contracts and all in the right document management system.  Most of all the Ascher Group makes sure that our clients have the right Document Management system in place whether it is a copier / printer project, a EDM solution or a Records Retention project.


We Are Not a Copier, Fax, Printer, Office Products Vendor or VAR, but an industry consultant.  The Ascher Group has no affiliation with or agent relationship with any copier or office products manufacturer or distributor.  We work with all manufacturers and distributors in order to ensure the right solution for your company and do not accept vendor spiffs.  Unlike many consultants in the industry, we accept no back office funds from any vendors in accordance with the IMC ethics standards.